The voices of Silvia and Davide take center stage in 4 Weeks 4 Inclusion.

Two colleagues who live with disabilities share their stories and Fincantieri's commitment to creating a more inclusive work environment.

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For Fincantieri, inclusion is not an abstract concept: it is action, it is culture, it is our everyday reality. That’s why we are proud to have been a Platinum Partner of "4 Weeks 4 Inclusion", the virtual marathon that celebrates and explores the importance of diversity in the workplace and beyond, now in its fourth edition.


During the event, we were able to share the commitment of the Group, which has been working for years on a model of diversity, equity, and inclusion to develop a corporate culture aimed at valuing diversity and creating an increasingly inclusive work environment. It is a cultural change that embraces diversity in all forms: gender, generational differences, multiculturalism, and disabilities.


We wanted to tell all of this through the voices of two of our colleagues who live with disabilities, Silvia Fornasin and Davide Buda, in a video that encapsulates their personal and professional experiences.


Silvia, a buyer in the Merchant Ships division in Trieste, was confined to a wheelchair following a motorcycle accident. However, after the initial discouragement, she managed to regain her desire for a fulfilling life, including in her work. In addition to the support of her family and friends, Silvia emphasized the importance of sports, which played a crucial role in both her physical and psychological rehabilitation. For her, "engaging in sports means being like everyone else." It is an essential factor, also because, as Silvia recalls, "diversity is currently in vogue but sometimes gets exploited." At Fincantieri, she found a young and inspiring team of colleagues in a barrier-free and flexible work environment that helped her regain independence and continue to pursue her passions.


Davide, who has been with Fincantieri's Naval Vessels Division for 23 years, has been affected by retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative disease that caused him to become visually impaired at the age of 17. Sports, especially running, played a crucial role for him as well, but among his many passions, theater stands out. Thus, he created ALONE, a theatrical performance in which he tells his story to raise awareness about visual impairment. For him, working at Fincantieri has always been a big goal, and he proudly states that he has achieved it. In the Genoa office, he has had the opportunity to meet many colleagues and supervisors, many of whom have become friends and have always supported him. He emphasizes that, "despite having a disability, I feel like I am doing the same job as my colleagues" and that he always strives to be welcoming and attentive to the growth of other team members because "working means growing together."


In Fincantieri's vision, inclusion in the workplace is a fundamental principle that should be promoted and supported in every professional context. It implies acceptance and respect for diversity and is a tool for personal growth and individual development. We all have to do our part to create an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and encouraged. For us, inclusion means valuing the irreplaceable importance of the human factor, which is even more influential than the material context. For us, a colleague who understands and supports a team member with a disability represents one of the most precious treasures that person can have. It is of immense value to the Fincantieri family.

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