Fincantieri considers the process of listening to and involving stakeholders an essential tool for the organization to take action and obtain the best results: the values that emerge and are affirmed by dialogue strengthen the Group’s reputation and ethics.

The chart shows the main internal and external stakeholders and, for each, group, the approaches adopted and forms of dialogue.



Governance and business integrity: 2018-2022 Sustainability Plan objectives and targets

Commitment Objectives Description/ Target Benefits Status Timetable

Integration of sustainability issues with stakeholders through the promotion of dialogue and listening initiatives with those involved in the Group’s activities

Implement an external stakeholder engagement program

Implement a process aimed at developing constant dialogue and direct interaction with the Group's internal and external stakeholders


At least 1 stakeholder engagement meeting / contact each year

• Identify and understand stakeholders' priorities, expectations and needs in terms of sustainability

• Share decisions, actions and performance in sustainability aspects with them (materiality analysis)

• Create continuous dialogue in order to identify critical aspects and mitigate risks



Every year, starting from 2019, stakeholder engagement activities had been carried on. During 2022, stakeholder engagement activities involved in particular our employees through the Employee Engagement survey, to improve employee engagement and experience in the Company, as well as the Mobility survey, a survey on home-work journeys, and our suppliers with the webinar 'Monitoring Supplier Sustainability from the Qualification Phase: an operational guide'. Furthermore, we participated in the Italian Sustainability Week to engage with the financial community on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues and how they are managed.



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