Statement from the Chief Executive Officer

To all FINCANTIERI Group personnel,
Company bodies and counterparts


The ever-growing geographic area in which FINCANTIERI operates requires paying even closer attention to a global anti-corruption policy. This policy has always been in force via well-defined internally applied procedures and is now expected to define the business expectations in compliance with international anti-corruption best practice and legislation.

The primary purpose of the anti-corruption policy, and of its associated procedures, is to highlight the Group’s commitment to fighting corruption of any kind with a zero tolerance approach. A constant reinforcement in the integrity and transparency of internal behaviors can positively affect the Company’s reputation in all the contexts it operates. To this end, I recommend that all Italian and foreign Companies in the Group adopt procedures in compliance with the above mentioned policy and in respect of their own laws and regulations.

A key factor of FINCANTIERI’s reputation is its capability to develop its business with loyalty, fairness, transparency, honesty and integrity, respecting national and foreign law. For this reason, FINCANTIERI’s aim is to ensure that its activities respect the Code of Conduct’s values and principles, adopted and widely publicized since 2002, in the firm belief that the management of the business should be ethically correct and in respect to the current legislations.

FINCANTIERI has been fighting corruption for many years, with a clear prohibition in its Code of Conduct of “Corrupt practices, illegal favors, collusive conduct, and requests (either direct or through third parties) of personal or career-related advantages for oneself or others (…)”.
These principles are addressed to all Fincantieri personnel and are expressly accepted by all the suppliers in our Purchase Orders and by business partners when signing contracts.

We all have a duty to help maintain a solid reputation of honesty, integrity and fairness for all our Group Companies, by means of general behavior that complies with all the rules and regulations. For this reason, I invite you to follow this policy and its procedures in any situation you may face, whatever your position or your task may be, and to promptly inform the Oversight Board in case of policy and procedure violations of any kind, whether suspected or proven.

I thank you in advance for your dedication to FINCANTIERI and to the principles that have always inspired its work.

Chief Executive Officer FINCANTIERI S.p.A.