Fincantieri’s anti-corruption policy

Fincantieri operates in a global perimeter which demands to reiterate the centrality of an anti-corruption policy. This defines the conduct of business in strict compliance with the highest international standards on the subject, pursuing a value creation model focused on transparency and social responsibility.


Business integrity is a key factor that characterizes our Group’s identity, as well as a constituent element of corporate reputation and image. Through preventive safeguards and policies aimed at “zero tolerance” toward active and passive corruption, we want to foster the spread of a culture of legality. Responsible governance, indeed, ensures fair conditions in the conduct of business and is an indispensable factor in economically sustainable development capable of avoiding negative impacts. In this sense, I recommend the adoption of safeguards in accordance with this approach by all the Group’s Italian and foreign Companies, consistent with the regulations applicable to them.


For these reasons, Fincantieri aims to hinge its activities on respect for values devoted to the fight against corruption contained in its Code of Conduct, adopted since 2002, valid for employees and expressly shared by all suppliers when accepting the Suppliers’ Code of Ethics and by business partners when signing contracts.


Therefore, I urge everyone to follow these principles with the utmost care and commitment, under all circumstances, by immediately reporting to the Oversight Board and the Anti-Corruption function any suspected or known violation of our policy, related procedures or relevant laws.


Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of FINCANTIERI