For the second year running, CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) awarded Fincantieri a rating of A- (on a scale of measurement from D, minimum, to A, maximum), for its commitment to combating climate change and affirming its leadership on this issue as well. CDP also gave Fincantieri the A- rating in the Supplier Engagement Rating (SER) ranking. This rating measures the effectiveness with which companies are involving their suppliers, again as regards climate change.

With a score of 70/100, Fincantieri held its position in the “Advanced” range - the highest - in the V.E classification (part di Moody’s ESG Solutions), an agency that measures the integration of social, environmental and governance factors in the sustainability area, and is ranked number one in its reference basket.


For the first year, Fincantieri was also assessed by Sustainalytics, a Morningstar subsidiary that specializes in evaluating how effectively companies manage Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks. It obtained the score of 19.7 points in the “Low Risk” band (scale 0 best, >40 worst) and is placed 6th out of 121 companies evaluated in the Heavy Machinery and Trucks basket.

Fincantieri, for the first time, was assessed by S&P Global through the Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) questionnaire, within the IEQ Machinery and Electrical Equipment basket, obtaining a score of 58/100 on December 20, 2021.

Gaïa Rating, a French sustainability rating company that assesses over 1,000 companies, part of the EthiFinance group, awarded Fincantieri an overall score of 87 points out of 100.


Fincantieri has been recognised as one of the most sustainable companies in Italy, obtaining the “Green Star 2021” Seal from the German Institute of Quality (ITQF) in collaboration with the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) in Hamburg, becoming one of Italy’s 200 Green Stars and ranking first in the “Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure” segment, with a score of 100.
The analysis was conducted using the “social listening” methodology, considering almost one million items of online content concerning the green impact of companies in Italy.
Green Stars are those companies that have made the greatest commitment to green economy strategies, with the specific intention of minimizing their impact while respecting the environment and society.

UniversumFor the third year in a row Fincantieri won the Universum Most Attractive Employers award given by Universum Global, a leading Swedish company in employer branding. This award places Fincantieri in the overall ranking of the top 30 most attractive companies for university students and young professionals who took degrees in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) disciplines.
The Company’s first place standing in the ranking of companies operating in the Manufacturing, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering segment was also confirmed.

Shipbuilders Council of America (SCA) awarded the Excellence in Safety Award to Fincantieri Marinette Marine and the Improvement in Safety Award to Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding (Sturgeon Bay), for health and safety at the two yards.

Fincantieri ranked 25th with three stars in the Italy Webranking research, which measures the corporate and financial communication basics and openness to dialogue on the digital channels of the largest listed companies, basing itself on the basic requests of the stakeholders.
Webranking also measures sustainability communication, which goes beyond reporting, focusing on stakeholder relations and meeting their requirements.
Fincantieri is one of the top four Italian companies in the sustainability area.

Fincantieri has entered the Top 20 of Italy’s leading industrial companies, according to research by Mediobanca’s Research Area. It is placed 19th in the ranking, up four places compared to the previous year.

OscarThe Company won the 2020 edition of the Oscar for Financial Statements, the award organised by Ferpi (Federazione Relazioni Pubbliche Italiana, the Italian public relations federation) and promoted together with Borsa Italiana and Bocconi University, which for more than 50 years has been recognising the companies most virtuous in their financial reporting and stakeholder relations. The reason given by the awarding commission recognises Fincantieri for having presented “a very complete Sustainability Report in its category,that of listed small and medium-size companies, in which the targeted objectives are identified with precision, with particular attention paid to the environment and social issues. The economic-financial information also provides an exhaustive picture of the company’s performance and of the main risks to which it is exposed.