Fincantieri for the new Genoa viaduct

The 100-meter maxi deck has been raised: the “ship-bridge” takes shape On this half of the bridge, there are more than 500 meters of steel

13 February 2020

Genoa, February 13, 2020 – The Val Polcevera "ship-bridge" in the Polcevera Valley has been lengthened by 100 metres in one go. The construction of the bridge has been entrusted to Fincantieri Infrastructure, of the Fincantieri Group, and Salini Impregilo, united in the PERGENOVA joint venture.


Yesterday, the first of 3 different exceptional raisings began, i.e., 3 stretches of deck with the extraordinary dimension of 100 metres each to be raised to a height of over 40 metres. The first massive steel span of over 1800 tons, which joins the other 8 that in recent months have entered the Genoese skyline, will be positioned between Pier 8 and Pier 9. The dimensions of the new section of the deck made it necessary to use strand jacks, special machinery capable of guaranteeing, in optimal weather conditions, a raising of the span of 5 meters per hour.


"From the very first moment, we took up this challenge with a spirit of service, and the desire to participate in the rebirth of a territory for the benefit of the country. Today, what is taking shape, metre after metre, is the result of everyone's work: workers, engineers and technicians, are coming from all over Italy to give their contribution to this innovative and much-needed work, which entails all our know-how, and allows us to put it to the service of Genoa, a city to which we have always felt deeply attached," said Giuseppe Bono, Fincantieri's CEO.


The steel structure, the heart of the new bridge, will consist of a total of 19 spans and has been raised for a total of 500 metres and about 7,000 tons, including all the side casings. The "wings of the bridge" will give to the structure the characteristic "hull-of-a-ship like" profile designed by architect Renzo Piano.


The whole work will require 9,000 tons of steel for reinforcement and 15,000 tons for carpentry. Exceptional figures for three Fincantieri sites, which are working tirelessly: the latest addition to the group, the one in Valeggio sul Mincio, that has started producing for Fincantieri precisely in connection with the construction of the Genoese infrastructure, the Sestri Ponente site and the one in Castellammare di Stabia. Over 800 people working from North to South in the production of segments and the assembly of decks.


As of today, 9 raisings have been made, 2 only in the last 5 days, and while the bridge is currently at half of its length, the raising of the last of the 18 Piers of the structure is being completed at the construction site. The construction of the new viaduct in Genoa proceeds at an unprecedented speed in the history of Italian infrastructure, not even in the years of the economic boom.


Fincantieri for the new Genoa viaduct