Fincantieri: resolution of the Board of Directors

17 June 2024

In light of the premature and deeply saddening death of the Chairman of Fincantieri, General Claudio Graziano, in order to ensure the continuity of governance, the Board of Directors convened today as a whole to confer to the CEO, Pierroberto Folgiero, on an interim basis, until the replacement of the Chairman, in application of the Succession Plan of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and of the Chief Executive Officer, last approved in the board meeting of 16 February 2023, the following powers already conferred to General Graziano:


1) supervision and coordination of the internal control system of the Company and its subsidiaries;

2) supervision and coordination of the development and governance activities of the corporate security including the activities referred to in the articles. 12 et seq. of the Decree of 22 July 2011, regarding the administrative protection of state secrets and classified information and the management of relations and relationships concerning industrial safety with the National Security Authority.


The supervision and coordination of the Internal Audit Function remains with the Board of Directors.

The Company will undertake all necessary activities to replace the new Chairman in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association and the aforementioned Succession Plan.


General Claudio Graziano did not hold any shares in the Company.


There are no indemnities or other benefits consequent to the termination of the office.


Fincantieri: resolution of the Board of Directors