Travel Risk Management: Fincantieri receives ISO 31030 attestation from RINA

11 July 2024

Fincantieri is the first Company in Italy to obtain the ISO 31030 attestation, a prestigious recognition awarded by RINA and acknowledged globally. This attestation confirms Fincantieri’s excellence in managing travel risk for its employees, a crucial aspect for ensuring their safety and well-being.


Achieving this attestation represents a significant milestone for Fincantieri, reflecting its continuous commitment to protecting and supporting its people. This accomplishment further strengthens the company's leadership position in the sector and demonstrates its dedication to maintaining high standards of duty of care.


For Fincantieri, ensuring a safe and secure working environment is an absolute priority. Adhering to ESG standards underscores its commitment to creating a work environment that respects the environment, promotes good governance, and prioritizes the safety and well-being of its employees.


The attainment of the ISO 31030 attestation is tangible proof of this commitment, showcasing how safety is integrated into the company's strategic and operational framework. This ambitious journey highlights Fincantieri's willingness to continuously improve and standardize risk management practices on a global scale. In the past year alone, Fincantieri employees undertook approximately 25,000 trips across 40 countries and five continents.


Pierroberto Folgiero, CEO and Managing Director of Fincantieri, stated, “We are extremely proud to be the first in Italy to obtain the ISO 31030 attestation. This achievement testifies to our dedication to employee safety and well-being and positions us as pioneers in the sector. The safety and well-being of our people are central to our daily actions and represent one of the fundamental pillars of our industrial plan, as well as a key aspect of our ESG practices, where 'S' stands not only for social but also for safety”.


Carlo Luzzatto, CEO and General Manager of RINA, commented, “The ISO 31030 attestation, which RINA operates in line with its general accreditations, allows organizations which apply this virtuous model to obtain validation and evidence of what they have done in terms of travel risk management. I would like to congratulate Fincantieri which, on this occasion too, has set the course, protecting the safety and well-being of its people even during travel”.


Fincantieri continues to invest in initiatives aimed at ensuring the safety of its employees and improving working conditions across all shipyards. The company is a pioneer in implementing advanced technologies for worker safety and protection. These initiatives reflect Fincantieri's commitment not only to meet but to exceed all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards, thereby contributing to the creation of an increasingly safe and sustainable work environment.


Travel Risk Management: Fincantieri receives ISO 31030 attestation from RINA