Andrea Doria Class


Andrea Doria Class

Andrea Doria, designed and built with funds from the regular budget allocated annually to the Navy, is the first of two units of the class "Horizon" commissioned to Fincantieri with a contract signed in October 2000 and will be accompanied, since 2010, from Caio Duilio whose implementation was initiated in September 2003.

Andrea Doria and Caio Duilio ensure the rotation of the two units of Class Audace recently withdrawn from service.

On board are installed the most modern weapon and discovery systems, the result of international collaboration edge where the industry is inserted Italian Defence such program "PAAMS (joint implementation Italian, English and French) for a AAW system in the medium-haul, and the program "SLAT" (Italian-French collaboration) for the anti-torpedoes system.

Commissioning Italian Navy
Andrea Doria 2007
Caio Duilio 2009

Technical Information

main characteristics

Length overall

152.87 m

Length between perpendiculars

141.70 m


20.30 m


11.80 m

Full load displacement

7,050 t

Max speed

29 kn

Range at 18 kn (Diesel mode)

7,000 nm


CODOG arrangement

• 2 x 20.5 MW gas turbines

• 2 x 4.32 MW diesel engines

• 4 x 1.6 MW diesel generators

Feathering C.P. Propellers Stabilizer

4 active fins



230 people


Flight deck and hangar for EH101 or NFH90

combat system

1 Combat Management System

1 Decoy Launching System (2 Launchers)

3 Main Caliber Guns - 76 mm SR

1 IFF + 2 X Transponders

1 Principal Anti Air Missile System (PAAMS)

1 Underwater Telephone

1 3D Long Range Radar

1 Torpedo Self Defence System (SLAT)

2 Radar/EO Fire Control System

1 Iras (Infrared Alerting System)

2 Navigation Radars

1 Navigation System + METOC

1 Surface to Surface Missile System (SSM) (4 x 2 Launchers)


2 Secondary Caliber Guns - 25 mm

1 Integrated Int/Ext Communication System including SATCOM and Tactical Links

1 Multifunctional Sonar

1 Lightweight Torpedo System