Comandante Cigala Fulgosi Class


Comandante Cigala Fulgosi Class

Vessel size, high performance, transport and support capability are optimized to play different roles such as: escort, support, relief, interdiction and patrol operations.

Such ships are highly handy, have excellent nautical qualities and seaworthiness, long range and are able to operate in open seas missions and to manage protracted helo operations. The vessels are built following stealth principles and are able to accommodate different Combat System versions.

Commissioning Italian Navy
C.te Cigala Fulgosi 2001
C.te Borsini 2001
C.te Bettica 2002
C.te Foscari  2002

Technical Information

main characteristics

Length overall

88.40 m

Length between perpendiculars

80.00 m

Max breadth

12.20 m

Full load displacement

1,520 t

Max sustained speed

> 25 kn

Range at 14 kn

3,500 nm


2 Main engines Wärtsilä W18 V 26XN

3 Diesel generators Isotta Fraschini 1712 T2 ME - 900 kW each



70 people

2 Rudders

2 Active-fin stabilizers

Stability and buoyancy according to Italian Navy Std. Flight deck and retractable hangar for AB 212/NH 90 Control and reduction of RCS and IR signatures


1 Combat Management System

1 Main Calibre Gun - 76 mm

2 Secondary Calibre Guns - 25 mm

1 2D Search radar

1 Fire Control System

1 Electronic Warfare System

1 Integrated Communication System

1 Identification Friend or Foe + Transponder

1 Navigation System + METOC

1 Navigation Radar