Mandatory controls to be performed by the contractor in works and services tenders

We hereby inform you that since Legislative Decree no. 175 dated 11/21/2014 came into force, from 12/13/2014 the legislation on joint and several liability in contracts and subcontracts for the payment of withholding tax on employment income has been repealed


Art. 35, Legislative Decree 223 dated July 4, 2006 - Request for documentation. 

We refer to Art. 35 of Legislative Decree 223 dated July 4, 2006, converted into Law 248/2006, as amended by Law no. 134 dated August 7, 2012 and by Decree Law n. 69 dated June 21, 2013, which requires our Company, in its capacity as a purchaser, to perform new forms of mandatory controls concerning compliance with the payment of withholding tax on employment income relating to works and services procurement contracts. In order for Fincantieri to comply with such obligations, you are requested to send us on a monthly basis by no later than the 24th calendar day of each month, via your certified e-mail address, a substitute declaration made pursuant to Presidential Decree 445/2000, in the format we are sending you, and which you must send to the following e-mail address:

Please note that failure to comply will result in Fincantieri being unable to authorize payment of the sums owing to you (see Related resources, Substitute statement).