Born in Caiazzo (Caserta) on December 12th 1965. In 1990, he graduated cum laude in naval and mechanical engineering at the University Federico II in Naples. Is married with two sons.


He is General Manager of the Merchant Ships Division since November 2019.


From March 2016 he assumes responsibility for the New Building Cruise Ships management.
From September 2017 he presides over the Cetena Scientific Technical Committee.
From January 2018 the Mega Yachts & Specialized Vessels Division reports directly to him.
From 1 August 2018 he was appointed Director of the Merchant Ships Division.
From January 2019 he joins the Board of VARD Group AS.
From November 2019 he was appointed General Manager of the Merchant Ships Division.
From February 2020 the VARD Cruise Business Unit reports directly to him.


He started his career in Fincantieri in 1991 joining the project engineering department for cruise vessels.
In 1998 he has been appointed as Chief Designer. In 1999 he has been appointed Lead Project Engineer for HAL Cruise Vessels. In 2002 he assumed the responsibility for hotel areas at Fincantieri shipyard in Marghera.

Back to Trieste in 2004, he became project manager for HAL/P&O/Cunard ships, role he has covered up to 2006 when he assumed the responsibility of Engineering & Design for both Merchant and Cruise ships Business units integrating them by 2007.
Within the Corporate, in 2010 he became Deputy Chief Operating Officer and Executive responsible for Engineering. In 2011 he ad interim also became executive responsible for industrial system; role he accomplished in 2013 when he has been in charge with manufacturing & design Integration in Merchant Ships Business Unit also maintaining both the role of Deputy chief Operating Officer and the role of Executive responsible for Engineering, role kept up to 2015. From May 2014 he joins the Board of Euroyards which brings together the most important European shipyards. In June 2014 he took part in the Fincantieri stock exchange as an executive of the steering committee. He has been a member of the CETENA board for 8 years (from April 2010 to August 2018).