Dock-lift Unpropelled Ship

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Dock-lift Unpropelled Ship

Unpropelled dock-lift specifically designed for the transportation of special materials between the storage area and the Yards in the White Sea area, in front of the Kola Peninsula. The special materials are basically reactors’ blocks (RC) got from the demolition of Russian nuclear submarines (NPS). The ship is not designed for the transport of active nuclear material.

Commissioning RosRAO
Itarus 2016

Technical Information

main characteristics

Length overall

85.00 m

Length between perpendiculars

79.22 m


28.80 m

Draft to platform deck

11.50 m

Draft to upper deck

29.00 m

Draught during navigation

7.70 m

Draught max

24.50 m


15,500 t

Load Capacity with cargo CoG @ 19 m

3,000 t

Load Capacity with cargo CoG @ 17 m

3,500 t



6 people

main systems

Ballast system: 4 pumps of 2 000 m3/h capacity and 40 bar prevalence

Maneuvering and anchoring systems: 4 anchors and windlass winches, 4 self-tensioning capstans, 4 winches for cargo handling

Laser system for blocks alignment in the dock

Stability in case of damage with two adjacent compartments flooded

High level of automation (unattended engines)

Anti-ice system on the upper deck (operational areas)

Rail system for reactor blocks handling by means of dedicated trolleys

Hull reinforced with a proper ice-belt