In 2016 we launched a process to identify the material topics, a materiality analysis was performed to identify the important information. The analysis is updated each year in compliance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards. Its purpose is to identify, by means of a matrix, the material topics, that is those topics that are actually important for Fincantieri and for its stakeholders.

The assessment of the topics importance is based on the significance of:
i) their impact on the organization (economic, social and environmental impact)
ii) their level of influence on the stakeholders’ decisions.

The evaluation of each aspect, with a scale from 1 to 4 (where 4 is highly significant), was performed by the multifunctional Working Group members, taking into account two aspects (significance for Fincantieri, significance for stakeholders) and then approved by the Fincantieri's Board of Directors.

A materiality threshold was defined (corresponding to 2), beyond which an issue must be accounted for. Based on the evaluation, the materiality matrix highlights a linear correlation between the topics that are significant for Fincantieri and those that are significant for the stakeholders, indicating a substantial overlap of interests within and outside the Group.

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