The Fincantieri Group performed a materiality analysis in 2016, which was updated in 2017 in compliance with the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines, version 4 (GRI-G4).

The assessment of the importance of the topics identified was performed based on the significance of:
i) their impact on the organization (economic, social and environmental impact)
ii) their level of influence on stakeholders’ decisions.

The evaluation of each aspect, with a scale from 1 to 4 (where 4 is highly significant), was performed by the multifunctional working group members taking into account two aspects (significance for Fincantieri, significance for stakeholders) and then validated. A materiality threshold was defined, beyond which an issue must be accounted for. The graph highlights a linear correlation between the topics that are significant for Fincantieri and those that are significant for the stakeholders, indicating a substantial overlap of interests within and outside the Group.
All topics contained in the matrix are subject to inclusion in the Sustainability Report.

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