An agreement falling within the decrease in the Group’s accidents was signed with INAIL

30 April 2019

Trieste, April 30, 2019 - The President of INAIL - National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work - Massimo De Felice and the CEO of Fincantieri Giuseppe Bono signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at developing safety at work culture and at implementing activities and projects with the goal of consistently reducing accidents and occupational diseases.
The protocol, which follows a long-term cooperation, determines the scope and implementation methodologies of the activities aimed at protecting workers' health and safety. In particular:

  • production processes analysis, with respect to the risks related to the kind of workings pertaining the shipbuilding sector, in particular those arising from interferences of the activities of internal and external resources;
  • monitoring of the health and safety management system in place for contract works of the shipbuilding segment and its possible evolution;
  • evolution analysis of the overall accident situation in the represented sectors,  completed with the comparison of the information registered at European level;
  • analysis of the near miss model mapping (i.e. events which potentially can cause accidents) and its possible evolution;
  • identification and implementation of new training and information initiatives aimed at promoting a culture of prevention, and new innovative communication tools to strengthen the workers' awareness concerning the production process risks and the relevant security measures.

A greater awareness of the logistical and operational context will be the central and essential element of the entire operations program that will be defined later on, with the goal of reducing interference risks, typical of the cooperation between direct employees and contracted workers.


The CEO of Fincantieri Giuseppe Bono stated: "This agreement is the result of a specific choice and it represents for the entire shipbuilding segment a new opportunity to dialogue and to look for an important contribution to the identification and to the implementation of new prevention measures within our complex system handling workers' health and safety". Bono concluded: "Our company wants to be a model of excellence in terms of sustainability, approaching the business in a way to meet the challenges of globalization with a production model ever more focused on the impacts that industrial processes have on individuals, on the society and on the environment".


For Fincantieri the safety at work, the health of its workers, the attention and enhancement of the working environment have always been guiding principles of its policies, as part of a vision which considers safety as a strategic factor and a business development driver. In line with its production model, the Group is constantly committed to identify new and increasingly effective training, dissemination and communication tools related to health and safety at work topics, recognizing the significant contribution to the benefit of all the people working at the yards that can be made by improving prevention systems.
In fact, the efforts carried out have led to concrete and important results in reducing the overall accident situation. Comparing the main indices showing the accident trend, it must be noted that there has been a 73% decrease in the frequency of events from 2010 to 2018 and a 48% decrease – over the same period - in the gravity of events. The comparison of the most recent data also confirms an ongoing improvement: the first three months of the year, in fact, showed a 18.72% reduction in the frequency index and 10.64% in the seriousness index, compared to the same period of 2018.