FINCANTIERI to build the second Constellation-class frigate for the US Navy

The order comes only one year after the award for the first vessel

21 May 2021

Trieste, May 21 2021 – The U.S. Department of Defense announced that the Navy is exercising a approx. 555 million dollars option to have Fincantieri U.S. subsidiary, Marinette Marine (FMM) build the second Constellation-class guided-missile frigate.

FMM is currently working on the detailed design phase of building the first-in-class USS Constellation. Construction is planned to start at the end of this year with the frigate expected to be delivered in 2026.


The “Constellation” program was awarded to FMM in 2020, through a contract for the first-in-class frigate and the options for further 9 ships, as well as post-delivery availability support and crew training, with a cumulative value for Fincantieri amounting to 5.5 billion dollars. The U.S. Navy plans to build 10 additional vessels as part of the program, for a total of 20.

Fincantieri succeeded in such a high-profile tender, distinguishing itself among several major U.S. shipyards thanks to a project considered as the most advanced and cutting-edge. The Group’s proposal is based on the FREMM frigate platform, globally recognized as the most technologically advanced, and the backbone of a 10-unit program for the Italian Navy which Fincantieri is currently completing.


FMM is the spearhead of Fincantieri Marine Group (FMG), which controls two other shipyards also located in the Great Lakes (Wisconsin) – Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding and Fincantieri Ace Marine. The company serves commercial and government customers in the US, including the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard. In addition to the Littoral Combat Ships program, FMM is building 4 Multi-Mission Surface Combatants (MMSC) to be delivered to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as part of the US Foreign Military Sales program.


FINCANTIERI to build the second Constellation-class frigate for the US Navy