EPC Industry’s offer selected for EDF second Call of Modular and Multirole Patrol Corvette by the European Commission

07 June 2024

Genoa/Paris/Rome/Madrid/Athens, 07 June 2024 - The industrial proposal for a European Multi-Mission Patrol Corvette (EPC/MMPC), submitted on November 22nd 2023 by a Consortium of three European shipyards, Navantia (ES), Fincantieri (IT) and Naval Group (FR), together with Naviris (FR/IT) and Hydrus (GR), has been selected by the European Commission on May 16th 2024, and the Grant Agreement will now be discussed with OCCAR-EA, delegated by the European Commission.

Building on the foundations of European Patrol Corvette (EPC) PESCO programme, for which Modular and Multirole Patrol Corvette (MMPC) Call 1, EDF programme contracts have been signed on October 24th 2023, the commitment by Industry is intensified in MMPC Call 2 and supported by the selection of the proposal by the European Commission (EC) for the maximum EDF budget of 154,5 M€.

This next phase aims at completing the initial and detailed design and at developing and integrating innovative technological bricks, which will enable the vessels to host several systems and payloads and perform a large number of tasks and missions. This will allow the production of the two first prototypes: one Long Range Mission version (LRM) and one Full Combat Mission version (FCM) that will make up a base for the future national fleets of advanced corvettes with the final goal of expanding the level of commonality, interoperability and standardisation between the different Member States’ Navies. As identified by the EC, this next step is to be managed by OCCAR-EA, on behalf of the EC.

As a result, MMPC Call 2 intends to contribute to five key elements for European autonomy: Economy, Defence, Technology, Industry and Security, consolidating the competences and joint development of advanced technologies among the European Industry, mitigating the Union's dependence on external entities in the production of components, securing and establishing a new transnational EU supply chain, reducing the unit cost and presenting the European ship as a convincing choice over non-European shipyards. The project will accelerate the availability of modern corvettes - through the preparation of national acquisition programmes and providing extensive interoperability possibilities with common supplies and procedures for operations and maintenance, thanks to mission modularity.

For this new step, the co-financing commitment of Italy, Spain, France and Greece reflects a shared investment in the common security and defence objectives outlined by PESCO and the European Union.


EPC Industry’s offer selected for EDF second Call of Modular and Multirole Patrol Corvette by the European Commission