U212 Submarine represents the result of the agreement between the German and the Italian MoD’s for a joint German-Italian Submarine Programme. Two submarines (Todaro and Scirè) are already operational. Two more units (Venuti and Romei) are in the delivery / commissioning phase. 

Commissioning Italian Navy
Salvatore Todaro  2006
Scire' 2007
Pietro Venuti 2016

Technical Information

main characteristics

Length overall

57.15 m

Length between perpendiculars

55.90 m

Max breadth (on P.H.)

7.00 m

Height overall (masts in)

11.875 m

Surface displacement (ready to dive)

1,509 t

Submerged displacement

1,720 t

Amagnetic steel construction

Lead cells battery banks (two sub-batteries)

1 Synchronous motor with permanent magnet excitation

1 16 Cyl. Turbocharged diesel-generators set

A.I.P. System with 8 + 1 Fuel cell module (34 kW each)

Low signature (acustic, hydrodinamic, radar, I/R)

Very low magnetic design and signature

Maximum surface speed

12 kn

Range at 8 kn on surface

8,000 nm

Maximum submerged speed

>16 kn


total 27



P.O. & Ratings


Extra crew


Sanitary spaces masses with:

• Officers seats


• P.O./crew seats


• Galley

combat system

Command & Control Systems based on 4 Multi functional Consoles with redundant databus

Fully integrated sensors

DBQS-40 Sonar System with: PRS, CAS, FAS, TAS, MAS, IPS, ONA

Navigation Sensors: Log, GPS, INS, AHRS, Echograph

Plotting Table

KH 1007 Navigation Radar

Optronic Sensor

Attack Periscope

Integrated Communication System: VLF, HF, VHF, UHF, GMDSS

FL 1800 U ESM System

UW Telegraphy & Telephony Systems

UHF Satcom Dama

SHF Sensor


6 Launchers for Blackshark Advanced (BSA) or DM2A4

1 Mine Laying System (optional)

1 Torpedo Countermeasure System (optional)