Multirole Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD)

Amphibious Ship

Landing Helicopter Dock

The vessels are designed to ensure extremely efficient land - air - marine connections. They can carry a fully equipped battalion of landing troops: they are Amphibious Transport Ships with through deck for helicopter operation and a full length garage deck, after portion of which is convertible in dock with own LCMs. During peacetime the vessels confirm their excellent capabilities in disaster relief, humanitarian and SAR operations.

Il profilo di impiego militare della LHD prevede il trasporto e lo sbarco, in zone attrezzate e non, di truppe, veicoli militari e attrezzature logistiche utilizzando le apparecchiature e i mezzi di trasferimento in dotazione.

Il profilo di impiego civile prevede:

  • supporto sanitario e ospedaliero
  • trasporto e sbarco anche in zone non attrezzate di personale e mezzi di soccorso ruotati o cingolati
  • fornitura a terra di acqua potabile tramite dissalatori di bordo o depositi nave
  • fornitura di corrente elettrica a terra per una potenza di 2000 kw e distribuzione della stessa tramite unità di conversione e distribuzione containerizzate
  • possibilità di ospitare a bordo personale specialistico o di ricoverare personale civile fino a 700 unità più un numero analogo in unità abitative containerizzate
  • base per operazioni di soccorso tramite elicotteri e battelli di dotazione organica 

Technical Information

main characteristics

Length overall

245.00 m

Length between perpendiculars

213.40 m

Beam at flight deck

36.00 m


27.70 m

Speed (max/range)

25/16 kn


7,000 nm


30 days

Crew + transported personnel

1,064 people


Propulsion system

CODOG (2 x DE + 2 TAG and 2 EM up to 10 knots / 2 x FCPP)

Generating sets

4 + 2 Shaft generators

combat system

1 Integrated Navigation System

2 Navigation Radars

1 Combat Management System (CMS)

1 Internal Networking System (INS)

1 Dual Band Radar (DBR) (X band)

1 Early Warning Radar (L band)

1 IFF Interrogator System

1 IFF Transponder System

1 Distributed Static Staring- InfraRed Search and Tracking

3 Fire Control System (FCS)-ADT NG

3 Main Caliber Gun - 76 mm SR

1 Quick Point Device System (2 Pointing Devices)


1 Decoy Launching System (2 Launchers)

1 Reaction Management System (RMS)

3 Secondary Caliber Guns - 25 mm

2 Long Range Acoustic Devices

1 Obstacle Avoidance Sonar

1 Diver Detection Sonar

1 Torpedo Detection System

1 Bathy Termograph Unit

6 Stand-alone Small Caliber Guns 12.7 m**

1 Remotely piloted aircraft System (RPA)**

1 Precision Approach and Landing System (PALS)**

1 Integrated Int/Ext Communication System

1 Precision Approach Radar (PAR)

1 Tactical Air Navigation System (TACAN)

1 Dual Band Radar (DBR) (C band)*

1 SAAM-ESD (CAMM ER option)*

* predisposition

** GFE