Saettia mk4

Inshore Patrol Vessels

inshore Patrol

These ships enable coast guards to upgrade their institutional activities of patrolling and safeguarding national waters. High operational flexibility enables operations to be carried out in many different roles such as patrolling blue waters, anti pollution operations, assisting other craft in difficulty, search and rescue operations. Such vessels have a length of 50÷55 metres and can reach a maximum speed ranging from 23 up to above 30 knots as a function of the chosen propulsion system.

Commissioning  Iraqi Navy
Fateh 2009
Nasir  2009
Majed  2009
Shimookh  2009

Technical Information

main characteristics

Length overall

53.40 m

Length between perpendiculars

47.20 m

Moulded breadth

8.10 m


5.40 m

Full load displacement

401 t

Corresponding molded draught

2.00 m

Sea trial displacement

360 t

Corresponding molded draught

2.00 m

Max speed

23 kn

Range at 16 kn

2,100 nm

Maritime patrol operation

up to Sea State 5

Withstanding capabilities

up to Sea State 7

Diesel engines

2 (I.F. V1716 T2 MSD - 2 360 kW each)

Diesel generators

3 (I.F. L1306 T2 ME - 208 kW each)

main characteristics

Emergency generator



2 controllable pitch

Fin stabiliser

1 couple

Bow thruster


Interceptor (GFE)


Service craft

1 RHIB (5 m)

Self inflatable common life-rafts

2 (50 people each)


38 people

Machine gun

1 x 30 mm

Stern Launching System for an Interceptor up to 11 m long