Falaj 2

Stealth Attack Craft

Stealth Attack Craft - Falaj 2 CLASS

The Stealth Attack Craft feature advanced stealth characteristics to reduce their detectability. Highly flexible and versatile, they are suitable for a wide range of missions - from patrol and surveillance operations to self-defence in case of air or surface threats and attack against both sea and land targets - in national and international scenarios, whilst affording high standards of accommodation and safety.

Commissioning  UAE Navy
Ghantut 2013
Salahah  2013

Technical Information

main characteristics

Length overall

55.00 m

Length between perpendiculars

50.50 m

Moulded breadth

8.60 m

Moulded depth

5.50 m

Full load displacement

abt. 520 t


Main engines

2 MTU 16V 4,000 M90

Max continuous rating (ISO cond.)

2 x 2,720 kW

Max speed

≥20 kn

Diesel generators




Range at 14 kn

1,500 nm



28 people

combat system

1 76 mm SR main gun (stealth version)

1 Radar/EO Fire Control System

1 Fire Control System

1 3D Surveillance Radar + Identification Friend or Foe

1 Combat Management System with Data Link

1 Navigation system

1 Navigation Radar with LPI component

1 Radar Electronic Support Measures

1 Ship to Ship Missile (2 x 2)

1 Ship to Air Missile (2 x 3)

1 Anti-Air Warfare Decoy Launching System (2 launchers)

2 12.7 mm Machine Guns

1 Data Distribution Unit

1 External Communication System

1 Internal Communication System