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Offshore Patrol Vessels

Sars turkey

The main mission of Offshore Patrol Vessels is to safeguard national interests through patrolling activities and carry out anti-pollution and rescue services. The aft area is often fitted with a flight deck for the take-off and landing operations of one mediumsized helicopter. Typical features of such vessels are the extensive range as well as sea-keeping and manoeuvrability performances, which make them highly flexible from the operational point of view.

Technical Information

main characteristics

Length overall

88.60 m

Length between perpendiculars

80.00 m


12.20 m

Full load displacement

1,700 t

Corresponding mean draft

3.60 m



+ abt. 35 m² of dedicated area for Shipwrecked or Cadets


High strength steel

Cruising speed (at Sea State “5”)

15 kn

Max continuous speed (at Sea State“5”-100% of described machinery MCR)

20 kn

Maximum speed (at Sea State “2”)

22 kn

Sailing range (at cruising speed and 90% fuel consumption)

3,000 nm


minimum 10 days


Flight deck and retractable hangar for AB412 or NH90


1 IFF System*

1 Navigation Radar*

1 Surveillance Radar*

1 E/O Fire Control System*

1 Main calibre gun 40 mm

2 Secondary Calibre Guns 12.7 mm

1 Command & Control System*

* not in Fincantieri supply